Sound absorption & insulation

Noise control in buildings is of great significance for the health and well being of the occupants, especially in residential dwellings, since they must provide an environment that is restful and relaxing. The building envelope must also maintain privacy for the occupants. CELCRETE AAC provides a sound insulation value 7dB greater than other solid building materials of the same weight per surface area. It’s high surface mass coupled with the mechanical vibration energy damping within it’s porous structure produces a construction material with exceptional sound absorption properties.

In addition to using a wall material with superior sound insulation qualities, it is essential to construct a wall in a manner that closes off air leaks and paths by which noise can go around or through the assembly. CELCRETE’S simple construction methods help to eliminate imperfections which allow sound transmission through walls, thus providing a wall assembly which offers superior sound insulation characteristics for the occupants.

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