Block Veneer System

An exterior veneer wall system utilising 75mm thick autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. It is supported off a timber or steel framed wall by standard brick veneer ties across a 40mm cavity. The external face is finished with a reinforced plaster system. It is suitable for the external veneer of both single and two storeyed residential and light commercial buildings. The system can be a direct alternative to clay brick or concrete block veneer. The solid AAC blocks are 600mm long and are available in both 200 - 400mm heights. They are laid in stretcher bond to form the wall and are fixed with CELCRETE thick or thin bed mortar
In particular, the cladding system can be utilised over the door and window openings by fixing the panels to 40mm vertical battens in lieu of the normal veneer lintels of mild steel flats or angles.

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